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February 22, 2007 

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Imogen Heap (AP Photo)
Posted: February 20, 2007
NEW YORK (AP) -- If Imogen Heap were as widely known as her music, she would be a household name.

Heap's dreamy, computerized songs have been prominently featured in blockbuster films such as The Chronicles of Narnia and used to convey the drama on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Six Feet Under and The O.C.

But while her songs may get plenty of mainstream exposure, that hasn't been the case for the 27-year-old musician and singer-songwriter. Though the self-produced British artist has been in the business for more than 10 years and had indie success as part of the duo Frou Frou with the 2002 song Breathe In, her name is unknown to many fans whose musical knowledge revolves around pop hits and Top 40 radio.

Her Grammy nomination for best new artist might change that -- at least a bit. She's also nominated for her song Can't Take It In from Narnia.

Whether or not she reaches the podium, Heap's profile has already gotten a boost.

AP: Why do you think you've had so much success in TV and film?

Imogen Heap: It's not all over the place on radio, and when people are looking for things that are kind of interesting and exciting for their film, which is new, or their TV program, which is new, they don't necessarily want something that is constantly on the radio.

AP: Do you think there's something about your music that lends itself to theatrical projects?

Imogen Heap: I think because it's not me and two guys and a guitar; it has more interesting soundscapes. It has wide strings and trumpets and harps and orchestral percussive sound. It's more nice with the widescreen when it has more ears to draw on.

AP: How difficult was it to put out your music on your own label?

Imogen Heap: In the beginning, we all look for record labels and think that's the way to go, and at the end of the day, we need money to make the albums that we want to make. ... Thankfully, in the last few years, it's become easier to be able to get your music out there on the Internet or virtually through MySpace.

AP: Were you surprised at your best new artist nomination?

Imogen Heap: I had heard that I was on the ballot form, which every single band on the planet is on that, and I just felt like, there's no way. But I know that certainly within the music scene and the art scene and the film scene ... within those circles, I am quite well-known ... so I think that's why perhaps I'm there.

AP: Last year's CD Speak for Yourself was a breakthrough for you. Did you go into it trying to sound a certain way?

Imogen Heap: I haven't really any notions on exactly how I wanted to sound, I just knew that my main goals were to A) have fun, because I hadn't had fun in a studio in a long time and B) to be honest with myself, as honest as I can. ... Don't try and stick to a formula. And try and incorporate as much of the sounds on the planet that you love, all at once, and see what happens.

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